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We are challenging local communities and black own businesses around the Kansas City's Metropolitan area by reinvesting in themselves, their communities and black businesses. This method will help educate our kings and queens into "BECOMING YOUR OWN BANK." There are over 2 million people that live around the KC Metro area with over 250,000 African Americans. We are challenging 100,000 African Americans around the KC Metro area to donate a one-time (or how many times you like) contribution/donation of $20.00. This will help provide grant opportunities for 100 black owned businesses around the KC Metro area and help provide a LARGE space for local vendors to operate a successful Vendor's market, help establish a  business economics educational hub while providing networking opportunities all year round. Our goal is to reach 2 million dollars by September 2023. This is a way of teaching the disinvested to invest/reinvest in themselves and their community.


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